While Mailchimp is a great platform to send emails and newsletters, it’s sometimes not the best choice for every business out there. Luckily, you can leverage many other free and paid Mailchimp alternatives to run successful email marketing campaigns.

And guess what?

Comparing Mailchimp alternatives will help you find the tool that best suits your business needs in terms of functionality and pricing.

But why is it important to use the right email marketing tools?

Well, for one, you want your emails to stand out in your recipients' inboxes. Secondly, you want the ability to create brand awareness, nurture leads, and retain them with the help of email marketing.

Email marketing delivers solid results.  As per a recent study, the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing in the US is 36:1.


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However, while getting such results from your email marketing requires a good strategy, you also require the best email marketing tools to help you along the way.

And Mailchimp is not the only option you have. There are various Mailchimpm alternatives to suit different needs and fit different budgets.

Not sure which of the Mailchimp alternatives to choose?

Well, we have curated a list of Mailchimp alternatives you can leverage below plus features that make them stand out.

What Makes an Email Marketing Platform Great?

Before we get into the Mailchimp alternatives you can use, let's check out features you should consider as you hunt for the next email marketing tool.

  • Email marketing automation
  • Email surveys
  • Third-party integrations
  • In-depth email analytics
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Scalable pricing
  • Mobile optimization
  • Spam testing

Now that you know the functionalities to look for when choosing an email marketing tool, here is a review of the best Mailchimp alternatives you can consider.

But first, an in-depth review of Mailchimp and the features it offers.

Mailchimp Review


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The drag and drop editor, its intuitive dashboard, and free plan have made Mailchimp popular over the years. However, some brands may find the tool expensive, especially when accessing advanced features that help with segmentation and email automation.

Overall, Mailchimp offers great functionalities you can leverage to take your email campaigns to the next level.

But what features are these?

Take a look.

Key Features

  • Built-in form and landing page builder
  • Different types of campaign options
  • Facebook ads campaign tools
  • Ability to code your email templates or leverage those offered by Mailchimp
  • Basic email automation features, including Google remarketing ads, auto-responses, abandoned cart emails, etc.
  • Website and commerce plans with built-in marketing tools


  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Neatly designed and in-depth reports


  • Most templates are outdated
  • Basic A/B testing tool
  • Most automation features are packaged as expensive add-ons
  • Poor customer support


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • Free: $0 for up to 2000 contacts
  • Essentials: Starts at $9.99 per month
  • Standard: Starts at $14.99 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $299 per month

Pro Tip: Leverage the test email marketing feature to see how your professional marketing emails look before sending them to recipients.

As you can see, Mailchimp does have some good features you can leverage to run successful email marketing campaigns. However, the market is filled with numerous Mailchimp alternatives you can choose from if this platform’s functionalities fail to tick all the right boxes for your brand.

In the list below, we review Mailchimp alternatives and list the features they offer so that you can make an informed decision.

Let's get started.

Mailchimp Alternatives You Should Use for Email Marketing

Use this detailed comparison on Mailchimp alternatives to choose a platform that meets your needs.

1. ActiveCampaign


Image via ActiveCampaign

If you are a dedicated email marketing professional, ActiveCampaign is one of the Mailchimp alternatives you should consider.


It’s one of the best Mailchimp alternatives with robust automation workflows that make it possible to create virtually any email marketing campaign you could want. Additionally, it has great deliverability rates and in-depth reports on different parameters.

Key Features

  • Various types of email campaigns, including standard, automated, RSS triggered, autoresponder, etc.
  • Numerous mobile-friendly templates and the ability to design your own
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Email content personalization options
  • Ability to import contacts from third-party services, including Asana, FreshBooks, BigCommerce, etc.
  • Powerful features for creating and optimizing landing pages
  • Ability to create automated emails, SMS marketing automation workflows, lead nurturing campaigns, social media ads, etc.
  • Sales CRM to help with contact management and lead prioritization
  • Unified inbox and live chat feature


  • Mobile-friendly templates
  • Numerous integrations
  • Detailed reports
  • Great support
  • Powerful automation features compared to other email marketing platforms


  • No free plan available
  • Steep learning curve
  • A/B testing restricted to text previews and subject lines


  • Moderately easy to use

Tool Level

  • Intermediate


  • Lite: Starts at $15 per month for 500 contacts
  • Plus: Starts at $70 per month for 500 contacts
  • Professional: Starts at $187 per month for 500 contacts
  • Enterprise: Starts at $323 per month for 500 contacts

Pro Tip: Use their list clean-up feature to ensure that your email marketing list only contains people who engage with your messages.

2. MailerLite


Image via MailerLite

Another one of the best Mailchimp alternatives is MailerLite, an email marketing tool with numerous features to boost your email marketing campaigns.

What's more?

It's among Mailchimp alternatives with great features for startups and small businesses looking for an affordable but powerful email marketing solution.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Email personalization with dynamic content
  • Photo editing tool
  • Mobile optimized templates and newsletters
  • Pop-up forms
  • Landing page templates and the ability to create yours from scratch
  • Ability to create and launch a website you can optimize for SEO and advertise products
  • Robust automation platform
  • Ability to A/B test various elements, including subject lines, email signature, content, etc.


  • Numerous integrations
  • Feature-packed free plan
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use automation tools


  • The initial registration process takes time
  • Limited template options


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


A 14-day free trial is available. Here are the various plans that it offers:

  • Free for 0-1000 subscribers for 12,000 emails per month
  • $10 per month for 0-1000 subscribers for unlimited emails
  • $15 per month for 1001 to 2500 subscribers for unlimited emails
  • $30 per month for 2501 to 5000 subscribers for unlimited emails
  • $50 per month for 5001 to 10000 subscribers for unlimited emails

Pro Tip: Leverage their dynamic pop-up forms, embed forms, and landing pages to attract new subscribers from different marketing platforms you use.

3. Omnisend


Image via Omnisend 

Why is Omnisend among the leading Mailchimp alternatives you can use?

It's an all-in-one email automation, email marketing, and SMS tool.

And in addition to these features, Omnisend is among Mailchimp alternatives that offer tools to execute successful ecommerce marketing strategies.

Key Features

  • Rich library of templates to create shoppable messages
  • Drag-and-drop content editor plus the ability to offer dynamic discount codes
  • An automation library with workflows for each step of the customer journey
  • Robust segmentation features
  • Customizable forms, pop-ups, landing pages, wheel of fortune, etc., to capture contact details
  • Detailed automation and campaign reports
  • Centralized platform to help you manage numerous channels, including SMS messages, online marketing, social media, and retargeting under one roof
  • Easily manage multi-store accounts from one dashboard


  • Numerous integrations
  • Intuitive interface and simple onboarding process
  • Competitive pricing compared to other tools
  • Robust automation capabilities


  • Limited design options


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • FREE: for up to 500 emails per month
  • STANDARD: Starts at $16 per month for 500 contacts and 6000 emails
  • PRO: Starts at $59 per month for 500 contacts and unlimited emails

Pro Tip: Leverage Omnisend’s Product Picker feature to add products from your store into your newsletter or email, along with their descriptions, pictures, and pricing.

4. Moosend


Image via Moosend

As one of the Mailchimp alternatives, Moosend automates repetitive email marketing tasks so you can concentrate on improving conversion rates and nurturing relationships.

What's more?

It's among Mailchimp alternatives that offer real-time analytics so that you can continuously improve your email marketing strategy for better results.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Automation workflows for onboarding, sending abandoned cart emails, lead scoring, etc.
  • Smart segments, forms, and automated workflows for email personalization
  • AI-based recommendations to help you sell more of the products your customers want
  • User behavior analytics to help you keep track of audience action on the website
  • Forms and landing pages to gather contact details
  • Refine tool to test subject lines before hitting send on emails


  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Powerful analytics
  • Intuitive campaign editor
  • Robust automation workflows


  • Compared to competitors, Moosend's integrations are limited


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


  • Free: $0 free forever
  • Pro: Starts at $10 per month for 1000 subscribers
  • Enterprise: Custom plan

Pro Tip: Use heatmap analytics to track subscribers' scroll patterns and understand what they like most.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Image via Constant Contact

Constant Contact stands out among Mailchimp alternatives because it's a one-stop shop for small businesses that want to delve deep into email marketing.

What's more?

Constant Contact is among Mailchimp alternatives that make it easy to create content for social media, comment, reply to messages, schedule, and view analytics.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor with numerous templates
  • Social media promotion tools
  • Contact management tools
  • Robust automation workflows, including triggered email series, welcome emails, advanced segmentation, etc
  • Tools to help you increase ecommerce sales
  • Robust contact list management
  • Real-time email analytics
  • Ability to run surveys and polls on social media and email
  • Dynamic sign up forms
  • Event management tools


  • Good customer service
  • High deliverability rates
  • Intuitive interface
  • Great resources


  • Limited A/B testing functionalities
  • Limited automation options


  • Easy to use

Tool Level

  • Beginner


A 30-day free trial option is available. Here are the paid plans that it offers:

  • Email: Starts at $20 per month
  • Email Plus: Starts at $45 per month

Pro Tip: If you have an online shop, you can leverage Constant Contact’s advanced segmentation feature to gather data directly from the ecommerce platform. This way, you can correctly target audiences at various stages of their customer journey.


Q1. What can I use instead of MailChimp?

A. The best Mailchimp alternatives you can use for email marketing include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLiter
  • Omnisend
  • Moosend
  • Constant Contact

Q2. What is a cheaper alternative to MailChimp?

A. If you consider the number of subscribers for each plan, then some of the cheaper Mailchimp alternatives you can use for email marketing include:

  • MailerLite
  • Omnisend
  • Moosend
  • Constant Contact

Q3. Why is MailChimp not good?

A. Some of the reasons why marketers opt for Mailchimp alternatives include:

  • Outdated templates
  • A basic A/B testing tool
  • Limited automation tools
  • Poor customer support

Q4. Who are the competitors of MailChimp?

A. Mailchimp alternatives in the email marketing industry include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • Omnisend
  • Moosend
  • Constant Contact
  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendinblue

Q5. Does Google have something like Mailchimp?

A. You can leverage Google Workspace for a service like Gmail. However, you won't get the kind of dedicated email marketing features that Mailchimp offers.

Q6. Which email marketing software solution is the best?

A. Some email marketing software with great features include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • Omnisend
  • Moosend
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp

Q7. Why is Mailchimp so expensive?

A. Their paid plans are contact-based, which means your price can rise rapidly with an increase in the number of contacts.

Contacts include subscribers and unsubscribers still receiving transactional emails or receiving ads. Additionally, it includes nonsubscribers interacting with your business via linked ecommerce sites or app integrations.

It’s one of the reasons people go for Mailchimp alternatives like Constant Contact or Moosend that offer better pricing for a higher number of contacts.

Q8. What are some websites similar to Mailchimp?

A. Similar websites to Mailchimp include:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • MailerLite
  • Omnisend
  • Moosend
  • Constant Contact

Get Your Email Marketing Automation Going With Robust Mailchimp Alternatives

To find the ideal Mailchimp alternatives your business can leverage for email marketing, you need a lot of testing.

Go through the features mentioned in the comparison review above, choose one or several that fit your bill, and make use of their free trial offers.

Then, once you start using these Mailchimp alternatives, it'll be easy to figure out which one fits your needs the best.

Still not sure how to run successful email campaigns even with these Mailchimp alternatives? Well, you can post your questions in the comments section or leverage our email marketing services to grow your brand.